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Party Extras

Bramley's has a selection of party extras that can be tailored to meet your needs.

View our party extra options below

Dinosaur Characters

A visit from one of our Dinosaur Characters

You can hire Bramley the Brontosaur or Pixie Anzu OR BOTH from £25! Bramley the Brontosaur or Pixie Anzu will visit your party for 10 minutes and say hello to the birthday child and all your guests. Children love meeting these cuddly Dinosaurs.

Savoury Platter Menu

Mac Braeburn's Pizza Platter - £15

Stoned Baked Pizzas topped with Shredded Mozarella, Mozarella Pearls, Cherry Tomatoes, Oregano and Pepperoni Slices.

Jumbo Rex's Deli Roll Platter - £20

Deli Roll Sandwiches filled with Cheddar Slices & Tomato, Tuna Mayo & Cucumber and Ham & Salad.

Mr Bramley's Sharing Platter - £25

Free Range Chicken Nuggets, Chips, Carrot & Cucumber Sticks, Toasted Pitta Bread with Hummus and Mayonnaise Dip.

Golden Pippin's Toasted Panini Platter - £25

Toasted Panini filled with Mozarella & Tomato, Tuna Mayo and Ham & Cheddar.

All platter serves 8-10 portions 

Sweet Platter Menu

Red Victoria’s Croissant Platter -£15 

Croissants and Pain Au Chocolat with Butter and Preserves 

Pixie Anzu’s Doughnut Platter -£15 

A Selection of Doughnuts with Assorted Flavoured Icing and Topping

Professor Cox’s Danish Platter -£15

A Selection of Danish Pastry Whirls with Assorted Sweet Fillings

Granny Smith’s Cupcake Platter -£20 

A Selection of Lemon, Strawberry and Chocolate
Flavoured Cupcakes 

All platter serves 8-10 portions 

Gina's Cakes

Handmade Birthday Cakes by Gina's Cakes

Personalised Cakes from £75.00

All cakes are handmade and will serve up to 20 children. A larger cake
or other cake requirements can be arranged, please ring us for details and prices.